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North Wales is a very good vacation spot, may it be for a newly married couple or for a family looking out to enjoy their vacation. But when you are planning on a vacation to North Wales, you should be first aware of the places you could visit here. Then comes the arrangement of the accommodation. In case of hotels, North Wales has many options. You can go for any one of these hotels, unless you are looking for a special place to stay during your vacation. If you would indeed like to stay at one of the very special hotels in North Wales, the best place for you would be the Space Boutique B and B in Llandundo.

The Llandundo Bed and Breakfast hotel is today, one among the most widely known hotels in North Wales, especially among the tourists. The service provided by the crew of this hotel and the facilities available is what makes them the best among the hotels in North Wales. Designed in the form of a Victorian villa, this hotel consists of 11 fully furnished rooms that have all been beautifully designed and constructed, to give a total contemporary style look to each room. A simple glance at the details of the rooms provided by this hotel shows the perfection with which each room has been furnished and designed.

The Suraj is one of the most beautiful rooms among the 11 rooms provided by the Space Boutique B and B hotel. It represents the sun god (called Suraj in Hindi) by the Indians. The sun is considered to be the symbol of freshness and energy. This room has been specially designed to symbolize this energy of the sun, with all its features, matching the bright orange and red color of the sun. The room consists of a king size or twin bed which is covered with a sheet which id bright red in color. The rentals for this room in the Llandundo Bed and Breakfast comes up to 105 euros for a night, if the stay is supposed to be any day between Sunday and Thursday. For Fridays and Saturdays, the room rental goes up by 10 euros, taking into consideration, the holiday time.

Another beautiful room in the Space Boutique B and B is the Zameen, which is again named according to the Indian traditions. The word Zameen means the earth or the soil in Hindi language, and the room is definitely a simple one that matches very well with the simplicity of its name. Taking inspiration from the soil and Mother Earth, the bed spreads of this room has been designed in brown color (colors matching the color of soil), with flowery designs on them, which makes them prettier to see. The large bed and the soft cotton sheets make this room, the most comfortable one for you to spend a wonderful night with your partner. The room rents for this room of the Llandundo Bed and Breakfast hotel comes up to 105 euros from Sunday to Thursday, and goes up to 115 euro, during Fridays and Saturdays. If you were to select one of these rooms of this hotel to spend your vacation, from among the other hotels in North Wales, you can be assured of enjoying a peaceful night of sleep and a wonderful stay along with it!

The Space Boutique is a premier hotel Llandudno, and can be contacted on 01492 818198. 01492 818198

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