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The Facilities Available at the Space Boutique B and B in Llandundo

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The Space Boutique B and B in Llandundo is one of the most popular five star hotels available in Llandundo today. Located underneath the Great Orme, this hotel is one of the biggest factors that attract tourists in large number to this place. The facilities provided by the Llandundo Bed and Breakfast hotel are not things that can be seen in every hotel you see over here. Combining fashion and tradition to the right extent, the hotel itself has been designed to portray the beauty of the places tourists may visit in Llandundo. Though there are numerous hotels in Llandundo, the major factor that attracts the customers to the Space Boutique B and B is definitely the quality of the services they provide.

The rooms of the Space Boutique B and B are the perfect embodiments of tradition mixed with style and trend. The facilities provided in each room are truly lavish for a normal couple to spend their nights. If you are a honey moon couple planning your vacation to Llandundo, the Llandundo Bed and Breakfast is definitely the place you should stay at! With perfect mattresses, pillows that cause no allergies, duvets, linen coverings and many other amenities, the rooms of this hotel would be truly good to spend a romantic night with your partner! Apart from the wonderful mattresses and comfortable bed spreads, you are also provided with an extravagant bathroom, huge bathroom towels, which are the pure embodiments of sheer luxury, cozy and comfortable bathroom slippers etc, to make your stay perfect and most comfortable. Along with this, you can also see that the bathrooms are fully furnished with a power shower and other amenities.

Each room of the Space Boutique B and B itself is another name for luxury, with a large TV screen, facilities for tea or coffee, drinking water, an alarm clock, a hair dryer and anything that would be required for a trip. So this makes it clear that even if you reached your room after a trip that was planned on short notice, you wouldn't have to be without anything; the room is equipped with almost everything you need!

Apart from the facilities in the room, the Llandundo Bed and Breakfast hotel also provides you other facilities like a wonderful restaurant which serves Indian food items, a bar where you can drink and relax, and moreover, the beauty of nature all around you! What more would you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest? A simple study through the reviews of the hotels in Llandundo will help you understand the advantages this hotel provides its customers. You can see that no other hotels in Llandundo provide such luxurious amenities, at a rate which you get from the B and B. The best part is that all the major places are at just walkable distances from this hotel. So, if you really wish to enjoy your vacation and have a blast in Llandundo, be ready to book your rooms in the B and B!

The Space Boutique is a premier hotels in Llandudno, and can be contacted on 01492 818198. 01492 818198

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