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The Artificial Ski Slope in Llandudno

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ski near a beach? Well, Llandudno is a seaside town that offers just that. Situated alongside a beautiful bay on the northern coast of Wales, Llandudno is a scenic Victorian seaside resort that is open all through the year. It has an amazing artificial ski slope, which offers fun-filled days of exhilarating adventure for the entire family. It is easy to get to the town, and once you arrive here, you will find numerous inns, bed and breakfast boutiques and hotels in Llandudno.

Most of the hotels in Llandudno are located near the promenade, in front of the North Shore beach. Conversely, if you are planning to do a lot of skiing in Llandudno, consider looking for bed and breakfast boutiques, which are in close proximity to the ski slope. The artificial ski slope has been constructed on a giant limestone headland, called the Great Orme, which towers over the town of Llandudno. It offers fantastic views of the bay, making tourists feel like they could sit there all day just gazing at the azure waters of the Irish Sea.

The Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre is situated around 415 feet above sea level. The dry ski slope measures about 280 metres in length (920 feet), and is believed to be the longest toboggan run in the United Kingdom. Tourists from hotels in Llandudno who visit the slope always have amazing fun tobogganing here, and keep smiling all through their vacation. In addition to tobogganing, The Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre also offers other adventure sports, such as skiing, ski-blading and snowboarding.

The dry ski-slope in Llandudno is covered with a surface made of patented 'perma snow', a material which acts just like real snow. It does not have diamond holes like other artificial ski slopes, instead being a single continuous carpet. This carpet of perma-snow is well-padded, so that skiers who fall have a soft landing. Every summer, The Artificial Ski championships are held at this venue, during which hoards of adventure sports enthusiasts flock to hotels, apartments and bed and breakfast boutiques in town.

The Space Boutique is a chic hotel in Llandudno, located a short walk from the Great Orme headland. We offer gorgeous well-decorated rooms and five-star service, at an affordable rate. The in-house restaurant at our hotel in Llandudno has received glowing reviews for the fine dining it provides.

Space Boutique is a leading hotel in Llandudno and can be contacted on 01492 818198

The Space Boutique is one of the leading Hotels Llandudno , and can be contacted on 01492 818198.

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