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Llandudno's Bronze Age Copper Mines

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If you love to explore historical sites, then come to Llandudno. Situated alongside the Irish Sea in northern Wales, Llandudno is steeped in history. The town is believed to have been formed in the Bronze Age, when the nearby limestone headlands were mined for copper. In the mid-nineteenth century, the potential of the town as a historical tourist site was noticed, and it was soon developed as a vacation resort. During this period, numerous bed and breakfast boutiques and hotels in Llandudno were constructed, to keep up with the growing demand for rooms.

The awe-inspiring Great Orme Copper Mine can be found on the upper slopes of Llandudno's Great Orme headland. According to historians, these mines are the largest Bronze Age copper mines in the world. It lay hidden for centuries, until it was accidentally discovered by landscapers in 1987, when they were beautifying a part of the headland for tourism purposes. These Bronze Age copper mines have been estimated to be more than 4,000 years old.

Tourists staying at hotels in Llandudno will find a tour of these historic copper mines a great educational experience. If you have children who might be learning about the Bronze Age in school, a trip to these mines could be very enlightening. All tours to the Great Orme Mines begin with a short speech about how the mines were discovered, before tourists are talked through the mine layout and the artefacts found within. Shortly thereafter, visitors from bed and breakfast boutiques are ushered down to the mines, on a walk through the dimly-lit tunnels and caverns.

The Llandudno copper mines offer an amazing glimpse into how cavemen harvested copper, thousands of years ago. One of the major highlights of these mines is the imposing Bronze Age cavern. According to archaeologists, this 3,500 year-old cavern was hewn out by ancient miners, using simple stone tools. These miners are believed to have utilised charcoal and wood collected from the nearby forest, for the smelting process. Presently, the copper mines are more than nine levels deep, but tourists from hotels in Llandudno are allowed to explore only the first two levels.

The Space Boutique is a luxurious hotel in Llandudno, which is highly reputed for the personalised service offered to guests. This hotel in Llandudno is located near the cable-car station in Happy Valley, from where one can take a ride to the Great Orme copper mines. This hotel in Llandudno offers five-star facilities at affordable rates.

The Space Boutique is one of the leading bed and breakfast boutiques in Llandudno, and can be contacted on 01492 818198.

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