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Llandudno - The Little Orme

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If you are looking for a fun vacation in northern Wales, then come to the town of Llandudno. Situated in Conwy County Borough, along the shores of the azure Irish Sea, the beautiful Victorian town of Llandudno beckons tourists with its range of exciting attractions. The town is flanked by two towering headlands on either side. The larger one is called the Great Orme, while the smaller one is called the Little Orme. Most of the bed and breakfast boutiques and hotels in Llandudno are located along the promenade between these two headlands.

While the larger headland has a large number of attractions, and is very popular with tourists from hotels in Llandudno, not many visitors know about the tourist spots on the smaller headland. The word 'Orme' can be translated from Welsh into 'snake'. From the sea, the headland resembles a small snake; hence, seafarers named it the Little Orme. Measuring about 141 metres in height, the Little Orme headland is also known as Rhiwledyn, Trwyn y Fuwch, Trwyn y Gogarth and Y Gogarth Fach.

Compared to the Great Orme, the Little Orme has not been developed for copper mining or tourism, and one will find very few hotels or bed and breakfast boutiques in its vicinity. However, this headland has been quarried for limestone from the mid-nineteenth century to 1936, and has its own narrow gauge railway, which tourists from hotels in Llandudno often explore.

Below are some of the other tourist attractions on the Little Orme:

. Rhiwledyn Nature Reserve: On the lower slopes of the headland is a warden-patrolled sanctuary for sea birds called the North Wales Bird Trust. This area has been designated as a 'site of special scientific interest'.

. Iron Age Celtic metalwork: This hoard of interesting metalwork was found in a cave on the Little Orme.

. Chapel of Blessed Mary of Penrhyn: This ruined chapel is situated at the foot of the Little Orme, on the grounds of Penrhyn Hall. It attracts numerous tourists from Llandudno bed and breakfast boutiques every year.

The Space Boutique B&B is a charming hotel in Llandudno, which offers modern stylish accommodation in an exotic Asian setting. It is situated on Church Walks near the foot of the Great Orme, just a short drive away from the Little Orme. This hotel in Llandudno also has a quality-dining Asian restaurant called 'The Jaya', which serves the most delectable Indian cuisine in northern Wales.

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