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Llandudno Pier - Longest Pier In Wales

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Measuring 700 metres in length, the Llandudno Pier is the longest pier in Wales, and the fifth longest pier in Great Britain. It is one of the main reasons why tourists visit this northern Wales seaside town, for weekend breaks and summer vacations. All around the pier, you will find numerous inns, bed and breakfast boutiques and hotels in Llandudno, catering to these tourists. Most of these hotels and bed and breakfast boutiques have Victorian architecture, to match the elegant Victorian theme of the town.

The Llandudno Pier is also distinctly Victorian in construction. Made of cast iron, the Pier has brackets of iron lacework, a simply gorgeous balustrade which resembles a giant fishing net, and ogee roofs that curl up towards the sun. According to a report of the British Tourist Authority, published in 1975, the Llandudno Pier 'zooms out of the sea' in a remarkable Indian Gothic style, and resembles a 'Maharaja's palace floating on a lake'. Most guests staying at hotels in Llandudno, make it a point to take photographs at this town landmark, before they go back home.

Unlike other piers in Great Britain, the Llandudno Pier has two entrances, the original gate on Happy Valley Road and the more recent North Parade entrance. The outstanding beauty of this pier has led to it being selected as a filming location, mostly for productions based in the Victorian era. One of the more notable of these was the TV adaptation of The Forsythe Saga, produced in 2002. Whenever a filming crew comes down to the pier to shoot, there is a lot of excitement in the town, with tourists from hotels in Llandudno rushing over to watch.

The Llandudno Pier was used as a landing stage for excursions to nearby locations, till June 2007. After that, it was found to be unsafe for use, and sailings were soon stopped. The Pier has a wide range of great tourist attractions, including amusement arcades, fairground rides, photo kiosks and souvenir shops. It also has a charming café which is very popular with tourists from bed and breakfast boutiques. In the summer, hundreds of tourists flock to watch the traditional Punch and Judy Show staged at the Pier entrance.

The Space Boutique is a gorgeous hotel in Llandudno, located a short distance away from the Pier, on Church Walks. We have eleven exotically themed rooms at our hotel in Llandudno, with each room having luxurious décor and modern amenities.

The Space Boutique is a leading hotel in Llandudno and can be contacted on 01492 818198.

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