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Llandudno - Harlequin Puppet Theatre

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Llandudno is a great place to vacation with your family. The golden beaches offer a lot of entertainment for children, in the form of donkey rides, funfair rides and adventure sports. You will also find other interesting attractions like the traditional Punch and Judy show, The Harlequin Puppet Theatre and video game arcades in the Llandudno area. As the town was developed as a seaside resort in the mid-eighteenth century, most of the bed and breakfast boutiques and hotels in Llandudno have distinctive Victorian architecture, which looks charming in vacation photographs.

It is quite easy to get a hotel in Llandudno. Most of the best bed and breakfast boutiques have online reservation facilities, allowing you to book a room in advance, from the comfort of your own home in the city. You can also choose to arrive here, and then browse through the hundreds of hotels in Llandudno, before selecting a suitable one. However, if you are arriving during season time, we suggest that you make an advance booking at one of the hotels in Llandudno, to ensure that you are not stranded without a room, especially if you are arriving with your family and children.

One attraction that tourists staying at bed and breakfast boutiques usually visit with their children is the Harlequin Puppet Theatre in the nearby town of Rhos-on-Sea. Opened in 1958, this puppet theatre is the first permanent puppet theatre to be built in Britain. It is situated in a beautiful wood, glass and stone building, in a cool tree-shaded garden, a short walk from the sea. The interior of the Harlequin Theatre is a beautiful mix of red plush and gold. It has exquisite plasterwork and beautiful frescoes in the classic Italianate architectural style.

The Harlequin Puppet Theatre mainly presents shows featuring puppets on strings, though occasionally, shows featuring shadow puppets, rod puppets and hand puppets have also been presented. It can comfortably seat around 120 people, and is open to the public during all school holiday periods. The Harlequin Puppet Theatre has also won a Civic Trust Award for its excellence.

The Space Boutique B&B is a charming Asian-themed hotel in Llandudno, which is suitable both for individuals and families. Some of the rooms at this hotel in Llandudno have adjoining doors, and can be combined to make great family rooms.

The Space Boutique is one of the premierĀ hotels Llandudno, and can be contacted on 01492 818198.

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