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The media coverage has been positive and the guest testimonials speak for themselves: The Space Boutique B and B in Llandudno is one of the most unique Hotels North Wales has to offer: Providing impeccable accommodation and service that leaves guests wanting for nothing the Space Boutique lives up to its Five Stars. Quality dining is available at the Space Boutique's Jaya Restaurant and the comfortable and relaxing bar lounge has a remarkable wine list for such a small Hotel: Indeed while there is plenty of activities and sights to see around and about this popular beach resort you might not feel the need to leave!

The Space Boutique embodies everything a Boutique B and B Hotel should be. Taking its design cue from the relaxed and earthy ambience of the Far East the tone is calm, stylish and yet unpretentious. Every one of the eleven guest rooms has its own theme. Bespoke Malaysian Oak furniture, fine linens and rich textiles come together with a sensibility that has both feet firmly on the ground. The kind of chic practicality that ensures guests have everything they need.

Something Unique
Llandudno was specifically developed during the mid Victorian era to serve as a picturesque seaside destination. Today it is one of the largest beach resorts in Wales: Which means (and as you might expect) this resort is home to some of the finest Hotels North Wales has to offer. Even so, in the relatively short time the Space Boutique has been open it has managed to make its mark as one of the most unique, quality Llandudno Bed and Breakfast Hotels in the town.

The Space Boutique B and B was given Five Stars by Visit Wales and has a Gold Award in Hotel Standards and Environmental Health. The Jaya Restaurant serves a colorful menu of home cooked Indian and East African dishes with Asian undertones. You will not find any other Llandudno Bed and Breakfast establishments offering up such unique Indian cuisine: Indeed, you will be pushed to find any Hotels North Wales has to offer with a restaurant that could outshine the menu at the Jaya. Indeed, the Jaya Restaurant sets the Space Boutique aside of the norm.

An Opportunity To Relax
At the Space Boutique guests have every opportunity to relax and discover the more tranquil, natural side of Llandudno. Unlike most of the Llandudno Bed and Breakfast Hotels the Space Boutique is situated near the West Shore beach; away from the town's busy North Shore promenade. The flora and wildlife upon the Great Orme offers nature lovers a picturesque place to walk and enjoy the incredible scenery.

The Space Boutique is on of the most unique Hotels North Wales has to offer. A peaceful and stylish Hotel with eleven exclusively designed guest rooms that combine practicality with the panache of the Far East. If you prefer Boutique Hotels North Wales has its fair share. However, there is nothing quite like this stylish B and B in the area: Just take a look

Space Boutique is one of the leading hotels in Llandudno and can be contacted on 01492 818198

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