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Llandudno - Great Orme Summit Complex

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Also known as the 'Queen of Welsh Resorts', Llandudno is the largest seaside resort in Wales. While the nearest airport may be around fifty miles from town, Llandudno is easily accessible by train, as the London and North Western Railway runs a good connecting service. Don't worry about where to stay while on vacation, as there are numerous bed and breakfast boutiques, apartments and hotels in Llandudno for every need. While the most popular hotels in Llandudno are located near the promenade, you will also find great bed and breakfast boutiques near the quieter West Shore beach.

Unlike other seaside resorts, Llandudno is not just about beaches and ice-cream. The town has a lot of ancient history, amazing scenery, and a host of interesting attractions, which tourists from hotels in Llandudno are sure to enjoy. One such attraction is the Great Orme Summit Complex. Located on the massive limestone headland of the Great Orme, the Summit Complex consists of a group of buildings which houses bars, cafes, restaurants, amusement arcades and gift shops. This complex is accessible through an aerial cable car system, a tram or by road.

Originally, the Summit Complex building was known as 'The Telegraph Inn', from where messages regarding the arrival of cargo ships were relayed between the port towns of Holyhead and Liverpool. It was later re-built as 'The Summit Hotel', and once served as the 19th hole for the Great Orme Golf Club, which shut shop in 1939. During World War II, the complex was changed back into a signalling building, renamed as the RAF Great Orme Radar Station.

In 1952, the telegraph complex was purchased by Randolph Turpin, a champion middle-weight boxer. After Turpin became bankrupt and committed suicide in 1966, the complex was re-sold and later reconverted into 'The Telegraph Inn'. As the primary purpose of the building was signalling, one will be able to view two radio masts towering over the complex. The Great Orme Summit Complex is open to tourists coming from bed and breakfast boutiques everyday, from Easter to the end of October.

Located near the serene West Shore beach, The Space Boutique B&B is a comfortable hotel in Llandudno, which is sure to take away the strains of city life. Owned by Bobby and Sunita, our hotel in Llandudno has eleven stylish rooms, each furnished with exotic Malaysian oak furniture.

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